(all dates with no venue listed are too-be-announced! please check back soon!!)

August 6th - Austin, TX - House party
August 9th - Philadelphia, PA - Jessica House
August 11th - Winston-Salem, NC - Dye Pretty Salon
August 13th - Asheville, NC - Static Age
August 15th - Charleston, SC - Cory's Grilled Cheese
August 16th - Gainesville, FL - The Limin Room
August 17th - Tampta, FL - In-Between House
August 18th - Ft. Myers, FL - Beach Records
August 19th - Miami, FL - tba!
August 21st - Orlando, FL - The Geek Easy
August 22nd - Daytona, FL - Rok Bar
August 23rd - Panama City - Moon Lodge Cafe
August 24th - New Orleans, LA - Banks St Bar
August 26th - Houston, TX - Notsuoh
August 27th - San Antonio, TX - Limelight
August 28th - Austin, TX - Beerland
August 29th - Fort Worth, TX - house party
August 30th - Oklahoma City, OK
September 1st - Albuquerque, NM - The Fly Honey Warehouse
September 2nd - Flagstaff, AZ - The Monte Vista
September 3rd - Las Vegas, NV - Salt Haus
September 4th - Kingman, AZ
September 5th - La Puente, CA - Bridgetown DIY
September 7th - Los Angeles, CA - The Smell
September 8th - Oakland, CA
September 9th - Santa Cruz, CA
September 12th - Eugene, OR - Pizza Planet
September 13th - Seattle, WA
September 14th - Vancouver, Canada - Half Satan
September 15th - Portland, OR
September 16th - Redding, CA
September 17th - Reno, NV - warehouse show
September 18th - Salt Lake City, UT
September 20th - Denver, CO - Syntax
September 21st - Des Moines, IA
September 22nd - Minneapolis, MN
September 23rd - Duluth, MN
September 27th - Davenport, IA - Supperclub
September 28th - Chicago, IL - Dad's
September 29th - Evansville, IN - PG
September 30th - Louisville, KY
October 1st - St. Louis, MO
October 2nd - Champaign, IL The Independent Media Center
October 3rd - Grand Rapids, MI - Witch House
October 5th - Detroit, MI
October 6th - Cincinnati, OH - Mockbee
October 7th - ??????
October 8th - Columbus, OH
October 9th - Elyria, OH - Blank Slate
October 10th - Pittsburgh, PA
October 11th - Allentown, PA - Mind Palace
October 12th - New York, NY
October 13th - New Brunswick, NJ

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Bubblegum Octopus Mailing List Sign Up!!~
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