Matthew Morden is a composer, producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist, from New Jersey, in the United States of America. After a semester in school for music performance and composition, and a semester in school for audio engineering, Matthew decided to continue his musical and artistic education on the road, touring the United States.

With his personal endeavors, Matthew has a prolific catalog of released and recorded music, starting as far back as age 15, covering a wide variety of sounds, but most commonly in melodic and/or chaotic, often experimental electronic contexts.

Matthew is best known for his work with his primary solo project, Bubblegum Octopus, wherein his loves of Japanese pop, extreme metal, video game soundtracks, and avant-garde electronic music are explored, usually all at once, a sound which garnered a cult following for the project, online.

As a freelance musician, Matthew has done soundtrack work for independent video games, film, and TV, sound design for art installation, taught lessons in DAW proficiency, bass, and guitar, worked as a recording engineer, composed and produced music for other artists, taught at Verona Summer Music since 2007, & played bass in diverse musical contexts.