Over the years, I've amassed a number of projects. Eventually, I'd like to provide more history and context to each one, but since I've had "coming soon..." written here for about two years, I need to at least provide something to justify this page.

Almond Milks

Experimental, electronic pop, soundtrack-like music, and the creation of small worlds through sound. An "alternate timeline" continuation of Bubblegum Octopus
(2013 - ongoing)

• Goodbye, 2013 - compilation album appearance - 2014
• Ghost/Palace - double single - 2015
• Paper Me - EP - coming 2016
• (unreleased material exists)

Awful Throats

Noisecore/hardcore/grind crossover band with a rotating lineup, with members from NJ, TX, and MA, that has performed infrequently since 2009. No recordings currently exist except video footage of the first show and a live recording from 2013 made using an iPhone sitting on top of the kick drum.
A studio recording and more shows and live recordings may exist in the future.
Has featured members of Yatagarasu, Bubblegum Octopus, STRESS (Ft. Worth), Weak Flesh, Ice Smashing, Guards (San Antonio), and Cheap Skins
(2009 - ongoing)

Black Clocks

Party-oriented digital grind messes
(2004 - 2005)

• The Unfair Segregation of Certain Time-Telling Devices - EP - 2005
• (unreleased material exists)

Bubblegum Octopus

Electronic pop and chaos. Fey pop battle grind. Conflicting ideas working together. The culmination of equal parts synth-pop, grindcore, VGM, noise, breakcore, pico pico, Bemani dance music, and more. Dubbed "spazzpop" but ever poised to subvert expectations.
(2005 - ongoing)

Select Discography:
• 8-Legged Dance Moves - demo - 2005
• scissor shock/bubblegum octopus - split w/ Scissor Shock - 2007, re-released numerous times
• The Album Formerly Known As "8-Legged Dance Moves" - 2009
• Take Control - split w/ Yatagarasu - 2009
• My God Is The Cat King - split w/ Dental Work - 2010
• Possible Party: Part i - compilation album - 2010
• Bad Happy - 2011
• Cheeseman Soundtrack - OST - 2011
• Goodbye, Summer - mixtape - 2013
• Goodbye, 2013 - mixtape - 2014
• Critters - mini-album - 2014
• Tough - compilation album - 2015
• DANGER DEVICE - compilation album - 2016
• I can't ever know things - coming 2018
• (unreleased material exists in droves)

This is my username on Battle Of The Bits. Songs done for that community are credited without the space and generally don't adhere to the sonic tendencies of Bubblegum Octopus. I understand what you're thinking.


Noise, noiscore, noise rock, avant-garde metal, ambient nonsense, cybergrind, unclassifiable absurdity, outsider whatever, tribal doom drone
(2005 - ????)

Select Discography:
• One track improv sessions - demo - 2005, recordings lost but may exist on soulseek
• c@ Winter 2 - 2005
• Horse Wiener - compilation album - 2005
• copy - 2005
• Blood Cat EP - EP - 2005
• Dead Kitten Wasteland - 2005
• Daring Z-Young Nesyel - 2008
• Rhythm Channel Populace - coming soon
• (unreleased material exists)

Catthew O.

My username for WeeklyBeats 2016. Has also released one album compiling the WB stuff with some unreleased things.

Fork Sister

Lo-fi, digital artifact abusing gabber punk electrotrash, peppered with noise, blastbeats, chiptune, and rave. Broken, bitcrushed guitars and warped screams. Vulgar and trite lyrics disguising discussion of particularly ugly, real situations.
(2005 - ongoing)

Select Discography:
• Sisters of the Fork EP - EP - 2005
• Niger EP - EP - 2006
• Savory Sauces - EP - 2007, but officially unreleased
• Discography - compilation album - coming soon??
• (unreleased material exists)

First Aid Squid

Formed as a goofy, digigrind parody, driven by the concept that the vocals had to be recorded first, First Aid Squid has evolved into a repository for abandoned Bubblegum Octopus releases
(2006 - ongoing)

• Stupid Party Somethingorother - EP - 2006
• (unreleased material exists)

Frame House

Punky, shoegazey, "indie" rock duo. Demos exist, full recordings likely to surface.
(2006 - 2010, 2015 - ongoing?)


Avant-garde improv prog and doom unit featuring members of prominent outsider metal, rock, and electronic acts from Brooklyn, Philly, and New Jersey. The project morphed for its final album into a mixture of plunderphonics and blasts of aggressive instrumental music.
(2009 - 2015)

• s/t - 2009 (not featuring myself)
• SHE-MASK - 2010
• The Jack Is Off - 2015

I Am A Hexagon

Scenegore cybergrind parody project, performed as the character Todd "Farmdestroyer" Denniston, a caricature of the vane, casual misogynist scene bro of the time. The concept was to write and record the entire song catalog in one day, making it sound heavier and more thoughtful than popular bands of the computer + guitar + breakdowns + pig vocals + gross song content formula, with even less effort, and then add people on MySpace en masse, as was vogue for bands of the sort.
After adding lots of people and achieving positive feedback, the idea was to reveal it for what it was, a scene effacing sharade.The character performance and laborious and utterly shameless process of adding random strangers quickly became a soul-crushing endeavor and the project was left in the MySpace graveyard, to be underwhelmingly revealed as a joke a year or two later.
(2007 - 2008)

Select Discography:
• Shape Shifter Mysteries - EP - 2007
• (unreleased material exists)

m@ the c@

Moniker given to me by fans and used as a project name for total oddity and novelty releases. Material has included reject material by c@ and Bubblegum Octopus, general throwaway tracks, noise, MIDI compositions intended for no project, microscopic pop songs, recordings of me screaming, rock music, and complete nonsense.
(2007 - ongoing)

Select Discography:
• oh? - compilation EP - 2007, originally credited to c@
• Sounds For Misconception - compilation album - 2010
• Please Can Golden Dreams - coming soon

Matthew "m@ the c@" Morden

Not exactly a project name, but is my real name with the official formatting used for soundtrack work, onkyokei influenced freeform electronic sound and texture music, dance oriented productions, ensemble compositions, and more.
(1989 - ongoing)

Select Discography:
• Cheeseman Soundtrack - OST - 2011
• Beckoning Charm - 2012
• Emotional Girls' Club - coming 2018
• (unreleased material exists in droves)

Mercury Syringe

Absurdist skate punk/"unintentional" noise rock performed by three unnamed, middle school aged characters living in a boring suburb. The idea is that they discover the genre "experimental" while making a MySpace for a band they haven't created yet and decide what they think that means. My personal output for this project is peripherally inspired by a hilarious demo CD that a band my former classmates made when we were in 6th grade.
(2009 - ongoing??)

• Skater Chick - single - 2009
• Coverband Mountain - coming... never?


Three piece grindcore band, originally formed in Iowa with the intention of playing one show. Reformed in April of 2017 with a different drummer and wrote and recorded a bunch of material. • Iowa Demos - 2011 (released via Tumblr post)
• True Grind is for Posers - coming 2018

Rage-a-holic Tortise [sic]

Originally spelled "Tortise" as a typo, the mistake was not fixed due to the idea that people searching the internet for tortoises would likely make the typo and stumble upon our music. RahT was a two piece "ambient/spoken word hardcore" project that was always unsure of whether it was a joke or not. Material consisted of noise made using whatever objects were on hand, absurd spoken word, a rudimentary understanding of effects processing, a Korg M1, bass, guitar, and primal screams.
The project gained very local notoriety after a single CDR copy circulated our highschool. My interest in making more intentional and serious music and my bandmate's interest in not turning into a social pariah by association lead to our disbanding.
(2004 - 2004)

Select Discography:
• The First Strike Of The Salamander Overlord EP - 2004
• The Second Wave Of Circumstantial Evidence That I Love Cats - 2004

The Rew-mi-ref-rots

Drum machine and guitar brutal-prog with only a minute and a half long EP and a demo recording to its name. There is, however, hope for a future for the project.
(2009 - 2009)

• Plushthuh Guadramedps - EP - 2009
• (unreleased material exists)


Aggressive and harsh industrial noise/gabber/sludge project, originally centered around minimalist and impulsive expressions of frustration and perceived hopelessness, with the intent of avoiding self-enforcing prescience about the ephemerality and inconsequential nature of knee-jerk angst.
(2011 - ongoing)

• Color Intermediate - 2012
• (unreleased material exists)

Ultra Death Men

Three piece, upbeat instrumental math-punk and no-wave dance unit based in New Jersey. Originally performed a number of times without a name and without any compositions, just complete freeform music. A full-length album has been written but not recorded.
(2008 - ongoing, but on hiatus)

• Muscles - EP - 2012
• (unreleased material exists)

• Get Pumped - coming soon


Short lived project that formed immediately upon the dissolution of Rage-a-holic Tortise. Vaguely gothy, vaguely dancey, vaguely video game soundtracky, vaguely baroquey (I was studying it at the time), and incredibly amateur, this project is where I first tried my hand at composing melodic music using a DAW. The project also included some abstract cybergrind/ambient crossover songs.
(2004 - 2004)

• 11 Informations - 2004

One-off/novelty projects

• Tom Cruise Control - live improv "space music" trio (2011)
• The Cuddle Sluts - one song collab with Ultra Cutez (2006)
• Bubbleskull - collaborative BgO sets and music with KOOL SKULL (2012)
• Blüdstrÿp - grind. Our only recording was the drummer's cell phone message, titled "Hell Phone" (2005 - 2006)
• Ultra Death Man - one-man arrangements of Ultra Death Men songs performed with bass or guitar and laptop (2016)
Highly Effective People - Music you'd probably call Nintendocore (2006)
•Walruspump - Wailing, gutteral bellows, and the sounds of a frantically engaged tire pump.(2013 - ongoing)